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The Start of SILENT project

12/18/22, 12:00 PM

SILENT is an Erasmus+ project implemented by 6 organisations from Austria, Portugal, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Netherlands.

Our main aim is to strengthen language skills and communication competencies and enhance resilience of hearing family members of deaf children by offering them the necessary educational tools. Our international team of partners will work together to provide parents with the following educational materials:

1) Family Learning Toolkit - that supports hearing families with deaf children with language acquisition of spoken and sign languages.

2) E-Learning course for parents - that provides a flexible set of educational, training, and information material for autonomously learning about deafness, sign languages, and social inclusion in a self-directed way.

3) In-service Training Programme for Adult Educators - that teaches them how to fully harness the SILENT educational resources' potential and motivate parent-to-parent support using the SILENT E-Learning platform.

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