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Our main aim is to strengthen language skills and communication competencies and enhance resilience of hearing family members of deaf children by offering them the necessary educational tools.

Our international team of partners will work together to provide parents with the following educational materials:

1) Family Learning Toolkit

that supports hearing families with deaf children with language acquisition of spoken and sign languages.

In several videos and three illustration books, we provide language learning resources and want to offer deaf children representation without focusing on problems they might face.

Children should learn that deaf people are more than a disability.

They can lead meaningful lives and have many friends and talents, regardless of their having technological aids.

2) E-Learning course for parents

that provides a flexible set of educational, training, and information material for autonomously learning about deafness, sign languages, and social inclusion in a self-directed way.

In five modules, all family members learn about everything that is important when having a deaf child.

Starting with how the ear works, to communication using sign languages, dealing with your new situation, the topic of social inclusion and how you can advocate for a deaf family member, to how to do all this learning together as a family.

3) In-service Training Programme for Adult Educators

that teaches them how to fully harness the SILENT educational resources' potential and motivate parent-to-parent support using the SILENT E-Learning platform.

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