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StrengthenIng Language skills, communication competencies, and ENhancing resilience of hearing parenTs of deaf children.

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Our Initiative

This project aims to support parents,
siblings, and grandparents of deaf children on their journey by creating educational material for the whole family.

Mother and Son

Our Mission

Although more than 90 % of deaf children are born to hearing parents, this group often gets overlooked. We want to empower families and raise awareness for the struggles that deaf children and their families face.

Online Studies

Recent News

Our team of international partners is constantly working to achieve our mission of supporting and empowering families of deaf children. Find out what we have been
up to recently.

Mother and Daughter Communicating

Take Part

We want to hear from you and work together towards our goals. Tell us about your experiences or share your ideas. Learn more about how to join, and be part of this project.

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